General Event Staff

Hosting a unique event, need parking attendants, set up help? Sometimes there is just no good title for the job you need done. We call these positions “General Event Staff”.  Blue Ridge Event Staffing has a large roster of waiters and bartenders, so the staff are perfect for public-facing positions. They are, by trade, adept at customer service.

Here are some categories of General Event Staff that are commonly used. This should give you an idea of how flexible this category of staff could be.

Floral Set-up and Break-down

Our staff can work with florists or event planners to accomplish elaborate floral set-up and breakdown.

Parking Attendants

Parking Attendants are a necessity whenever a large group of people are parking in an space that is not a marked parking lot. Having Parking Attendants at your event can help get everyone squared away and keep traffic flowing. They are useful in many situations: Wedding Venues with field parking, festivals with large lot parking, or high traffic areas where guests may just need a little guidance.

Our staff can run shuttles to ferry guests from remote parking areas to the venue. Staff can use vehicles provided by the host, such as golf carts or vans, but due to insurance restrictions, our staff can not valet park guest cars.

Ticket Takers/ Wristbanding

Many festivals held here in Beer City need staff to verify guests ages. Our staff can id guests and issue wristbands. Issue either drink tokens, or the underaged marking of the hosts choice.

Making sure that guest entry points are well staffed allows for efficient processing. This will keep guests flowing and prevent the bottlenecks that we DON’T want!

Marathon Traffic Directors

The amount of volunteers needed to keep a marathon on track can be staggering. Sometimes an event needs more help than your volunteer force can muster. Our staff can assist runners/riders/ and other guests as they navigate the course and after party.

Get Staff!