Business Partnership

Need supplemental FOH or BOH staff? Interested in forming a B2B Partnership? We would love to talk to you about working together more closely. Use the Contact Form below to request a call and get the ball rolling!

Blue Ridge Event Staffing is a Living Wage Certified Business and is Certified by Just Economics. We find paying a living wage is a great way to attract and keep experienced staff who are invested in the service industry.

Best Practices

While we can frequently fill shifts for our B2B partners with little to no notice, we highly recommend giving our team at least one weeks notice for best results. When you have a particularly large order (over 15 or any given staff position, or total) we recommend calling ahead to put it on our radar. We can look ahead and assess staff availability based on prior bookings. Due to BRES’s work with happy couples, businesses are encouraged to give ample lead time for weekend events during popular wedding months (particularly May, September, October).

If you know that you have annual events that you will want help with, sending those dates in to our team allows us to pencil you in on our calendar. This will help us to know how many private events we should book on a given weekend in order to reserve enough staff to meet your needs. Once we are aware of the potential need, we can also set dates to check in with you to assess your event needs as plans evolve.

We work with you to define the minimum shift length based on the location of your specific venue. While we find that staff will accept and work 3 hour shifts in the heart of downtown, more remote venues require a 5 hour shift minimum to attract staff interest.

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