Submit Work Order

Submitting a Work Order For Staff

If you re not sure if you need the staff yet, please do not submit a work order. You can call or email us to inquire about a certain date, but please only use the work order for confirmed events.

Your order will be emailed directly to all team members and we will post your job within one business day. PLEASE CALL THE OFFICE RE:LAST MINUTE ORDERS, ESPECIALLY IF PLACING THE ORDER ON FRIDAY OR SATURDAY. These are busy event days and you could easily be overlooked. 

If your event has a tight turnaround, or is placed over a weekend, please feel free to print blank sign-in sheets. Please remember these need to be returned by 5:00pm on Monday of the following week.

The link below will lead to a password protected form. Please contact the office or the logistics crew if you do not have/remember your password.

Submit Work Order

Tips for Submitting Work Offers

In the form, there is a plus button at the end of each line, you may use this to order multiple positions/shifts, or multiple shifts/week.

Let us know if the event is happening outdoors so the staff can plan appropriately.

Estimate your needs as closely as possible. We ask that staff work 80% of an offered shift before being cut.

Give us as much lead time as possible.