An efficient Event Bartender can often be the key to a successful reception. A good Bartender will make sure your bar runs smoothly and your drinks are mixed consistently. Hiring professionals will save you from the over-pouring volunteer or self-serve station. It also ensures your event meets even the most stringent venue requirements. Event Bartenders will keep coolers stocked and ice flowing. 

Our Bartenders arrive prepared to ready your drinks for service. That may entail un-packing beer and wine and putting it on ice, or pre-mixing 50 signature drinks in preparation for the cocktail hour rush. They will assess your rental, and set up their workstation so that they can move quickly and efficiently in the bar space. Each Bartender will come with their own tools: beer and wine key for beer wine bars, and a basic bar kit for mixed drinks. At the end of the night, your Bartender will ensure rental is re-packed and ready for your rental company to pick up. 

Wondering how many Bartenders we will suggest for your event? Check out Determining Your Special Event Needs to read more about how we make our recommendations!

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You May Need a Certified Event Bartender & Permits for Your Event

Our certified Event Bartenders understand and implement the laws surrounding the service of alcohol in the state of North Carolina. Some venues require a professional bartender and will not allow family or friends to volunteer. Check with your venue for rules and service requirements.

As a private client, if you contract us for a full bar (a bar serving liquor as well as beer and wine), you will need to obtain a Limited Special Occasion Permit. You would get this from the ABC Board. Clients contracting an Event Bartender to serve beer and wine only, do not need this permit. Start this process early as it takes time to complete.  Entries MUST be submitted at least 2 weeks before your event date. We would recommend beginning well before that. You can APPLY FOR THE PERMIT by following this link.