Staff Portal

Exciting Changes for 2019

Hi all!

Happy 2019! We wanted to create a place on the website for you, our fabulous staff, and give you more tools to make working with BRES even easier. Please check in on this page for announcements, etc. Once you log-in you will be able to:

-create and submit invoices for services rendered
-review/download/print our Alcohol Policy
-review the BRES staff handbook

Scroll down thru the announcements below to Log In!


New Invoicing Form

We have created an invoicing form available to you through this website, you can access it by clicking Log-In above. With this form you will be able to self report any and all of your hours. We will still be using paper time sheets for most of our corporate clients and you will still need to sign in and out using these when available, as we attach those sheets to their invoices. We will indicate on the work offer when you should be self-reporting your hours. 

New Wednesday Pay Day

In 2019, we will be moving to a Wednesday Pay Day. BRES has grown so much in the past 2 years that it makes collecting time sheets from vendors and processing them a much bigger job than it once was. Pay Day will still operate as it has before. We will no longer be texting staff individually, a general announcement will be made on the Blue Ridge Event Staffers Page on facebook. If you are not yet a member please click the link to join. If there is no announcement that day staff can assume that checks will be ready by 5:00pm.

Captain’s Kits

Over the winter we will be standardizing the Captain’s Kits that we provide for 12 Bones menus and other Take-Away Catering/ Self-Catering. They will come in sturdy boxes and a list of contents will be attached. It is the Captain’s responsibility to pick this up unless specified and make sure it is returned intact. We will be compensating for the time it takes to pick-up and drop off the kit (we are thinking 30 minutes total). We will also be lengthening Captain’s shifts in the new year to allow the captain a little more time on the front end (most often 15 minutes) to meet with the event coordinator and get the details so they can distill it for the rest of the staff.

To start accessing the materials available online please enter the password provided!