About Us


There seems to be a synergy between special event professionals and a background in the entertainment industry.

Owner and Asheville native, Kai worked as an actor in NY and LA for many years before returning to Asheville in 2011. When he returned to Asheville, he was impressed by how Western North Carolina had grown. Asheville has become a destination, not only for weddings, but for conferences, festivals, fundraising galas, etc. Finding few jobs offering a living wage, he decided to start an event staffing company to fill that void. Tapping into his years of experience in restaurants, bars, catering, and events, Blue Ridge Event Staffing was born in May of 2012.  It has grown from a small family operation, to an office of four employees and a large, ever-growing roster of food and beverage professionals.

Carie, Stefanie and Ruth

Our Operations Manager and Party Consultant, Carie, graduated with a degree in technical theater. She was a stage manager for many live productions before lending her attention to detail to the day-to-day operations of the BRES office. Carie’s penchant for organization and color-coding make her an excellent sounding board for our brides, grooms and other party hosts. She is constantly thinking of details that can  escape the notice of many party planners. Carie has been helping clients plan their events with BRES since 2015.

Our Logistics Coordinator, Stefanie, worked as a contractor on our roster for many years before joining the office in 2017. She lent her talent to events as a bartender, waiter, and captain at many venues across WNC. Because she understands the intricacies involved in creating successful events, she was a perfect fit for the position. Stefanie works closely with our corporate clients.

Our Staff Liaison, Ruth, has held almost every position on our roster.  Ruth has lent her many talents to many teams, and many clients. Her near ubiquitous, and loquacious nature makes her the perfect Staff Liaison, handling the organization of our large staff.

The Staffing Crew

Blue Ridge Event Staffing would not be what it is without our talented staff who work at your events. We have some staffers that have been working with us for years. We have some who just spend a summer before moving on to other towns or talents. Besides being talented food and beverage professionals our staff boasts a diverse range of occupations and hobbies. Our staff have day jobs as varied as: accountants, actors, aerial artists, authors, bakers, bankers, banquet managers, caterers, craft brewers, carpenters, dancers, event managers, entrepreneurs, front desk associates, grocers, homemakers, hotel managers, interior designers, jugglers, legal assistants, massage therapists, painters, pastor, performers, personal chefs, photographers, publishers, realtors, sales associates, social workers, social media mavens, students, teachers, venue managers, wedding planners, and yoga and zumba instructors.