What you need to know when hosting an event!

Determining your event needs can be tricky. How many staff do you need? There are many components: Your guest count, how your food will be served, what sort of drinks are being served and by whom, when your guests arrive, how long it will take to re-set the space so that your deposit is secure or so that your home is restored to your satisfaction? These are all things we consider as we make recommendations.

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Day-of Coordinator Decoded

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A Day-of Coordinator helps to guide your friends and family and your vendors as they all collide at the venue, offering you some time and space to be a bride or a groom and not a troubleshooter.  A wedding planner offers a higher level of service. Planners meet with you several times and work closely with you, really focusing on several aspects of your event.

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Determining your special event needs

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It is so easy to overlook the need for an adequate amount of experienced, intuitive service staff, but it truly can make or break an event. We have been partying week after week for a long time now and we know how many people are required to make an event run smoothly, we recommend even more when your goal is a flawless event.

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Keys to Creating a Successful Event

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Whether you are hosting a fundraiser, holding court at your spring garden party, or welcoming guests at your rehearsal dinner, your focus should be connecting with your guests. Let our staff help create the bubble to keep you afloat and circulating with the very important people at your event. When you have made the necessary party preparations and entrusted your event to a few good staff you should be able to work the room without worrying about the details.

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Choosing What You DIY

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Our best advice: Choose carefully what you plan to DIY. Planning a large scale event is hard. There are so many pieces that have to come together, and all the the same time. Be selective with which ones you choose to take on! Decorating and favors are so much more fun and rewarding way to put your personal stamp on a wedding.

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