Keys to Creating a Successful Event

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When you have made the necessary party preparations and entrusted your event to a few good staff you should be able to work the room without worrying about the details. Whether you are hosting a fundraiser, holding court at your spring garden party, or welcoming guests at your rehearsal dinner, your focus should be connecting with your guests. Let our staff help create the bubble to keep you afloat and circulating with the very important people at your event.


Guests should have the feeling that the food is plentiful and the cooler is always stocked. When you are on a budget, professional staff is even more important. Setting up a single-sided buffet and having staff portion your meal, ensures that everyone gets enough to eat. When you have ordered plentifully, a double sided buffet that staff keep stocked will keep lines down and get guests back to their tables quickly.

Party Preparation

Make sure set-up is done well before guest arrival. We build in 90 minutes of set-up to ensure you are being taken care of. With the help of your day-of-coordinator (for wedding clients), or with your notes/ guidance, our event captains can ensure deliveries are met, rentals are set according to a template, hors d’oeuvres are ready at stations or trays for cocktail hour, buffets are stocked and ready for dinner. Bartenders will set your bar rentals or venue provided glassware, set beverages in coolers to chill, pre-mix signature drink components for quick pours later. Your event my not have all the components above, but set-up for each event from informal potlucks, to seated and served dinners take time to complete, we find 90 minutes works well for most all of our events. Particularly complex set-ups or special requests require more time.

Clients building large scale events, especially weddings: We recommend event insurance. When people think about event insurance, they often think weather. But there are other unforeseen circumstances that event insurance can guard against. Should a terrible event like sickness, an accident, or a death in the family derail your day, event insurance can help defray the costs of lost deposits and other event expenses!

Have an Exit Strategy

Where does the rental need to be staged for pick-up? Have you thought about trash removal? Wedding clients: You have a gift table full of presents, who removes those from the venue, and when? When you have flowers everywhere, how will you dispose of them? You’ve stocked a bar, what happens to the leftovers? Your rental needs to be re-packed and ready for pick-up, who is rinsing those plates? So much needs to happen after an event. Be clear about when your venue needs this to happen: by midnight? By noon the next day? Our bar staff can help pack up unused alcohol and get it ready for storage. Our wait staff can help process rentals and get them ready for pick-up. If you have additional needs we can certainly help you meet them. We may need to add more time or staff to our standard recommendations.

Maintain Clean Lines

Getting the bare minimum staff can lead to messy events, and messes in the morning. Keep your event Instagram worthy and your morning after simple with adequate staff to bus tables, keep buffet tables fresh, lines short and guests smiling. Learn more about appropriate staffing numbers for you event

Or Allow Us! We’ll Help You Hire the Right Staff