Determining your special event needs

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One of the benefits of hiring Blue Ridge Event Staffing is that we help you determine the appropriate amount of service staff to create a successful event. Some people are surprised by the number of staff we recommend. It is so easy to overlook the need for an adequate amount of  experienced, intuitive service staff, but it truly can make or break an event. The numbers quoted below are not arbitrary. Blue Ridge Event Staffing has been partying week after week for a long time now. We know how many people are required to make an event run smoothly. We recommend even more when your goal is a flawless event.

It is so easy to overlook the need for an adequate amount of  experienced, intuitive service staff, but it truly can make or break an event.

Don’t Overload Mom and Dad!

So often, Mom and Dad are asked (and offer) to help with certain elements of your wedding. Be very mindful of how many, and which duties you delegate to your parents. Ideally, their contributions/obligations, should be completed before the day-of. The day of your event hosts (and family) are going to be so busy, just being hosts. Parents know how quickly parties pass. (Do you remember that party you threw when they turned 10?). Parents know how busy hosts really are, even when they seem to have everything under control.

If you are the parent: Don’t miss a moment of your son or daughter’s day because you are helping set up a buffet. Don’t miss catching up with that relative you never see because you are meeting a delivery driver and directing them to the catering kitchen. Please, grab a drink, enjoy the hors d’oeuvres you potentially paid for, and enjoy watching your new son or daughter in law laughing with their closest friends.

If you are the bride or groom: The greatest gift you can give your parents is the freedom to enjoy your wedding day. So they can help you into your heels, admire your bouquet, pin on your boutonniere, tie your bowtie. We’re not saying they shouldn’t help, but have them helping YOU, not US.

Successful event hosts know: Style Matters!

How you plan to serve your meal helps us determine the amount of staff needed. Here are our standard recommendations* for Wait Staff:

  • Buffet Meal- Expect us to quote at least 1 waiter/25 guests
  • Family Style Meal- Expect us to quote at least 1 waiter/12-15 guests
  • Plated and Served- Expect us to quote at least 1 waiter/8-10 guests

Some venues/ catering plans will necessitate the addition of a dedicated kitchen support staff member to execute a successful event. Some examples of events with this need include:

  • venues with provisional kitchens or kitchens that are not convenient to the dining area
  • venues with limited sink space where rental is being used
  • hors d’oeuvres or other menu items that require assembly, plating, or staging
  • rental of vintage plates

The Bar has its own Ratios and Rules.

In addition to your guest count there are other factors when hiring Bar Staff. The types of drinks you serve, the number of bar locations and extra considerations like: champagne toasts, signature drinks, and pre-ceremony cocktails can be significant determining factors as we make recommendations for your event. If you expect the bar to be an important component of your party you will want to ask us to quote a extra bartender.

  • We will typically recommend 1 Bartender: 50 guests

You Need Someone the Day-of to deal with the Minutia!

Blue Ridge Event Staffing requires that all wedding events have a planner or day-of coordinator. They really are essential to a successful event. Having a day-of coordinator gives the venue manager and all other vendors one point person to come to with all the last minute, nitty-gritty questions.

With this support, you will be able to focus on your spouse and your guests. Brides and Grooms tend to have enough on their mind right before the ceremony without having to discuss the placement of forks on the buffet table or the location of electrical outlets with the dj.

We find that when a wedding does not have a professional planner or coordinator, the rest of your vendors end up filling this role. It is a job we are neither suited, nor compensated for.

Beyond Ratios:

As you review our staffing recommendations, bear in mind that we take many factors into account when considering your event. We work with clients to try to get a complete picture of your event and identify any potential sticking points before they get sticky! Our goal is making sure you have a successful event!

Should assembly or plating of the hors d’oeuvres or your meal be needed, an extra kitchen assistant and/or more waiters would be added to your order to accomplish this task. If you have complex set-up needs, more time or more hands may be required to assist. We want your event to run smoothly so you and your guests can enjoy each other’s company and focus on the fun.

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