Scope of Services

“I have paid for staff for the day, so I can get them to do whatever I need, right?” 

Not exactly. Please refer to our Scope of Services, below, for an outline of food and beverage staff duties. Good planning means understanding all your vendors’ Scope of Services. If you have a good Wedding Planner or Coordinator, they should be reading over your vendor contracts to ensure you are covered.

There is also a list of additional duties that we can perform. However these items must be discussed and written into your invoice so that we can make sure we have the appropriate tools, materials, time, and staff to accomplish all the goals you have for your event.

You’d never ask your dj to cut your cake! However you would be shocked by how many waiters find themselves holding the groom’s phone trying to figure out a venue’s audio system.

Food and Beverage Scope of Service

When planning for your wedding, we take into consideration: your guest count, menu, venue, and any additional info offered during the planning process, and send enough staff to accomplish the tasks set out below. Asking us to perform duties outside of our scope of practice on the day-of compromises our ability to take care of the things you have hired us to do, and will be politely declined.

Generally, when you hire BRES Food and Beverage Service Staff, you are hiring us to deal with the presentation of food and drink to your guests. This may include:

Scope of Services

  • Office Staff conferring with an unfamiliar caterer/menu to discuss presentation
  • Meeting food and beverage deliveries on the day-of, if scheduled during shift
  • Preparing bar set-ups/ buffets from deliveries of beverage/ pre-prepared foods/rentals
  • General cleanliness of food preparation and buffet areas
  • Setting tables in dining room with rental pertaining to dining and can include table linen. (Floral arrangements and decor should be set-up by planners/floral team/wedding party)
  • Maintaining the buffet areas and overall dining hall
  • Busing and Clearing Rental or Disposable Guestware, or set-up of busing areas
  • Removal of Food Service Waste to designated on-site containers
  • Re-packing any leftovers
  • Final Sweep-Up of the Dining Hall/ Bar/ Kitchen Area to venue standards

Opting in to Additional Services

Additional services that we can provide when properly planned:

  • Assembling/Plating Appetizers or Entrees, Grazing Tables, Desserts, etc. (This may require more Staff).
  • Cake Cutting
  • Assisting with the movement of chairs or furniture if if previously informed and directed by a planner. (This may require more Staff).
  • Helping with send-off if previously informed and directed by a planner
  • Assisting with crowd management or parking if previously informed and directed by a planner (may require more Staff).

Services Outside our Scope of Practice

These are services our staff will NOT provide.

  • Tent Set-Up
  • Electrical Rigging (twinkle lights, cafe lights, etc.)
  • Floral (unless hired by the event’s professional florist)
  • Decor
  • Wedding Party Management
  • Valet
  • DJ
  • Photography
  • Hair and Make-Up

What we send to your event is exactly what you see on your invoice: Staff. Additionally, you may see some other items like: A Captain’s Kit of commonly used tools. Disposable Items like Plates/Cup/Napkins. Coolers. A Mixers Package. Ice. Etc. What we want to highlight is: If it is not listed on your invoice, Blue Ridge Event Staffing is not providing it. It will need to be provided through other avenues.

Please see more on our FAQ page

You may also want to look for our Checklist, a printable one page guide to dotting all your i’s crossing all your t’s, for food and beverage service.