Kitchen Support Staff

Often hosts can overlook the need for kitchen staff.  Our waiters and captains are valued and appreciated because they are the public face of the event, but the kitchen is where the magic happens! Some of our Kitchen Support Staff are chefs and caterers, some are in culinary school, some have worked as prep or line cooks for years.

We recommend kitchen staff when hosts want the dinner to be plated and served to guests or served family style. We may also recommend kitchen staff if there are many hors d’oeuvres or desserts that need to be tray passed.

A Dedicated Dishwasher is a great addition to the team when your are hosting any event at your own home or at a vacation rental. Dishwashers are also imperative if you plan to use vintage china or vintage glassware. Many of these items are hand wash only. You also may need a dishwasher if your venue is providing glassware and plates, but not the staff to process them. This is common with Vacation Rentals and some other unconventional venues.

Do you need Kitchen Staff at your Wedding
or Fundraiser?

We recommend Kitchen Staff for certain venues and menus. Kitchen staff can assist in presentation of catered food when the caterer is not present. They can assist with entrées, salads, hors d’oeuvres, or desserts. They are instrumental when a venue has particularly stringent kitchen regulations. Kitchen staff are also recommended if the kitchen area is inconvenient to the reception or party site.

Kitchen Staff for Private Parties

Our clients really enjoy having kitchen support in their home for gatherings. A Kitchen Staff member can assist the host in setting up buffet spaces, getting dishes prepared, plating prepared foods, or finishing dishes while the host greets guests and gets the party started. Grill Masters can assist a host in manning a grill for a barbeque.

For Caterers and Venues

Short on staff? We offer Prep and Line Cooks, Grill Masters, Sous Chefs, and the all important Dishwasher. Contact Us today to learn more about setting up a Business Partnership!