Pick Up Catering Services

Blue Ridge Event Staffing is here to help hosts turn their pick up catering into fully catered affairs. We arrange pick up with your vendor, deliver the food to your venue, set up for the service style desired, and make sure your venue or home are left as we found them.

We work with restaurants and caterers all over WNC. Some of our most frequent catering partners include some of Asheville’s most enduring (and endearing) classics:

After placing your order with your preferred caterer give us a call us to discuss your timeline and event needs and we will help set you up the correct amount of staff for your unique event. Blue Ridge Event Staffing works closely with the your caterer to verify menus, arrange pick-up times, determine rental if contracted. Together we ensure the food service for your event is just like the experience with a full service caterer.

While the pick up catering partners listed above are some of our most frequent menus, we have a vast array of experience working with many local caterers/restaurants like: Mela, India Garden, Vinnies, Rocky’s Hot Chicken Shack, Stone Ridge Tavern, Olive Garden, etc.

We also send staff to assist area food trucks. Many times when you hire a food truck, they are providing staff to cook and clean the truck only. By hiring us to help, you won’t get stuck cleaning your venue, and you will get a little service for your guests. Someone to assist your food truck in delivering their awesome eats to your awesome guests.

Pick Your Level of Service

We specialize in turning your take out order into a fully catered reception. We offer any or all of the following services:

  • Deliver your order to your venue.
  • Load the delivery in.
  • Set up the buffet.
  • Send waiters to serve your guests and keep your venue looking lovely.
  • Send bartenders.
  • Assist you with catering rentals.

When we send staff to your event, we also send along our Captain’s Kit which includes bottles for sauces, a few frequently overlooked serving implements, and some stout rags for wiping up. *The kit is not available for delivery/ delivery and set-up only orders.

Pick Your Level of Service

Need Rental for your Buffet?

BRES also offers a Rental Consultation to assist party planners in ordering the correct catering equipment necessary to set your buffet table. Our office staff will review your menu and help you ensure that there are enough chafers, serving bowls and platters and utensils to serve everything on your menu. We will provide you with a complete list and you will be able to call the order in to the rental company, or add it to an existing order.

Additionally, we offer Rental Management. Rental Management is a more full service option to take rental completely off your plate.